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How to Bet on Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports betting is a great way to earn some extra income if you’re good at it. Just like other skill games people gamble on (poker, blackjack..etc), there is strategy and skill behind betting on fantasy sports. If you plan on getting into the sports betting game you need to be sure and have good knowledge over the different teams and players. There are a number of great perks that come with betting on sporting events. First of all, you can often find and play in tons of different medium-sized tournaments that have small buy-ins and still big prize pools.

Fantasy Sports


For example, you can find plenty of tournaments which have $1, $2, or even $5 buy-ins at any given time. Since these tournaments always get a few thousand players in them in pads the prize pool nicely. If you manage to win a game on a $2 buy-in then you’ll probably be taking home between $500-$1000; Not a bad return for a $2 bet! Just like poker, it’s best to play on fantasy websites which have lots of players on them.

This means more action and bigger prize pools! Those of you looking to get into this for the first time you should look more into FanDuel, DraftDay, and DraftKings. These are easily the three biggest websites when it comes to online fantasy sports betting, and they are all extremely active. Not only that, each offers quick payouts and a variety of different sports you can create your team on and bet against. Here are just a few of the kinds of sports you can bet on:

Basketball – Fantasy basketball is great because there are so many games. If you know the NBA and the different players pretty well then you should consider throwing a few bets on different fantasy sports teams. Just signup, draft your desired players, and see how many points they can generate! Fantasy basketball tournaments often get a few hundred to a few thousand players. There is plenty of games and action happening so consider trying it out.

Football – Fantasy football is easily the most popular. Since many people play in regular fantasy football leagues each year, it makes joining and playing in a weekly fantasy football tournament a no-brainer. Just as you would get your own league team ready each week, you can login to one of these websites and create a few other fantasy NFL teams to place a bet on. If you’re good at fantasy football then there is money to be made in these tournaments!

Hockey – Not as popular as the other two, fantasy hockey is also available on all of the websites I listed above, and those tournaments are fun to play as well! Just as you would put together a fantasy hockey team for personal leagues every few days, you could login and do this on one-day tournaments as well.

One day and one week fantasy sports betting is the latest betting phrase to hit sports fans everywhere. If you haven’t already given one of these websites a try then you should. You can deposit as little as just $10 and receive a great bonus as well. Those who play in standard fantasy leagues will find the one day and one week leagues are very similar. Best of all, you have no commitment to any players after each set of games is completed!

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